This section is designed for people who are searching the truth and want to have some other echoes of what is commonly displayed in news and media around the world. Mostly we feel that information/news don't take some spiritual or religious side of events which are today occuring on our planet, and we wish to contribute to the information by providing this knowledge. We will then here state some news gathered on regular media which have struck our mind and for which there is not total complete investigation. These informations will not be released on a day-to-day basis as in regular media, but sometimes, emphasizing events on a global basis in space and time and not on a linear basis as on TV,... Sometimes you will here read news on historical events which happened several centuries ago... and sometimes several centuries ahead... :-)


1- First news of Worldnews : Approximately 3 months ago, 2 french alpinists disappeared in the Himalaya mountains while climbing the mount Kailash. Nothing has been really explained in the TV news except the factual accident. We hereby want to specify that the Kailash mountain in Himalaya is the abode of God Shiva for Hindus. If the mount Everest is the highest mountain regarding Western views, in the eyes of most Hindus and Nepalese, Indians, etc... the highest and most important mountain is the mount Kailash. This mountain is approximately 6500m high above the sea and is totally regular and centric on its top, there is like a spheric "snow cap" covering it. It doesn't seem to have been sculpted by time and climatic conditions when you look at it, but by the hand of man. Nobody has news of the 2 alpinists missing.

2- Approximately 6 months ago, the NASA has lost the genuine original videotapes of the first man walking on the moon (Apollo mission in 1969). This information has been released on TV but not so many people have noticed it. We feel it is important so we mention it here again ; it seems there is no investigation on the way in regards to what happened. We want to hereby specify also that the Satellite network around the world (NSA organization) is a secret society, one cannot get informations on outer space and the recording of satellites. We also would like to mention that a lot of sayings since long ago, do pretend that the man never actually walked on the moon and that it is a fake event. Bill Clinton, former President of the USA, in his book "my life" even seems very cautious about that, mentionning that he can understand such questions but gives no further informations about it. Some people also say that man has walked on the moon but discovered a total different land from what was expected. The invisible part of the moon (other side shown towards space) has never been observed by humanity. The moon is rotating on itself and always shows the same "face" to the earth.

3- New Maya temple has been discovered not long ago in Guatemala. Lots of historical sites and old monuments are currently being discovered all around the world (even in Egypt) as if nothing as such had occured in our past history or as if humanity just started to discover its world again.

4- Kumbamela is a religious gathering in India, happening every 12 years. The last one occured 1 or 2 years ago, attracting more than 80 million Hindus on the same site near Allahabad in Center-Northern India. We do not know exactly what is the purpose of Kumbamela and how it fits in this world, but we feel that a gathering of 80 million people on earth on the same spot was not a small event in the world. Some other religious gathering like that happen in India but less important in size (usually 30 million people maximum).